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Vune - Celfaire

Vune - Celfaire

Simplifying complex structures of experimental sound design and bring’em down to pure, and enjoyable ambient music is the main aim of Vune, a girl from the rough highlands of Scotland and newest member of the 4mpo family. Describing her debut-album in a few words is as hard as not falling in love to her maverick way to combine classic style ambient music with next generation sound techniques. Weird grooves embedded in lost soundscapes transport the listener to a strange new world full of loony tunes and lovely melodies. Don’t miss this perl, setting ambient music back to its roots, freeing your soul like clear skies above rolling hills and refreshes your mind like deep blue water of a serene loch.

Angela Puxi

ANGELA PUXI – Badapapapaa

New album release (CD and digital) in 27.03.2015!

„With one foot in the best of what was and another courageously lunging towards what is surely to be, Angela Puxi is rewriting some rules... make that re-righting some wrongs as one of a new breed of saxophonists (pronounced in this case "sax-AH-f'nists")  How cool is this!“ (Kirk Whalum)

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PL - Cascade

Planet Lounge - Cascade

Coming Soon!
Album release (CD and digital) in April 2014
Aandra - MERAKI

Aandra - Meraki

Aandra`s 2nd Masterpiece released digital on the 14.03.2014

More details soon!
Fresh Moods - Carbon Islands

Fresh Moods - Carbon Islands

With "Carbon Islands", Peter Haubfleisch releases the fifth album of his project Fresh Moods. Haubfleisch did not intend 'Carbon Islands' as a mere collection of individual tracks. In fact, it is a concept album, a coherent whole, whose tracks complement each other but are also meaningful on their own. Full of details and diverse, yet efficient and not lost in exaggerated playfulness, the eleven tracks move within their own musical cosmos between ambient and chillout.
Fresh Moods - Collection

Fresh Moods

Zentralmodul and 4MPO are proud to anounce that the 4 wellknown Albums "Fresh Moods", "Swerve", "Love, Death and Angels" and "Exhale" will be released soon as a special handisgned limited edtion.

We Love Ibiza 2

we love ibiza

4MPO presents the next release of it´s label-own compilation "We Love Ibiza Vol.2"!
Further information and tracklisting will be available at the compilations-page.


Aandra - Origin

Aandra: New album Origin

Aandra will release her debut album "Origin" (as CD and digital). 
With twelve tracks, it brings acoustic and synthetic sounds to harmonious oscillation.

Release dates: CD at 20/01/2012 and digital/download at 24/02/2012!

Listen and buy the new album Origin here >>


Naoki Kenji: New album Shiokaze out now!

Release on November 4th! Naoki Kenji`s brandnew album "Shiokaze" is out now! Digital release will follow in a few weeks.

Listen and buy the new album Shiokaze here >>

nk-denshi ongaku rerelease

Naoki Kenji - Re-Relases now available

Naoki Kenji´s beloved longplayers "Denshi Ongaku" and "Ecoustic", at that time released on the legendary Elektrolux-label, were sold out and not available for long time. We are happy to tell you, that 4MPO decided to rerelase these two albums for you in a newer version with new artwork. So, don´t waste much time and save your personal copy.

Links for buying and downloading follow very soon.

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TSC Lunarium Remixes

The Sushi Club - Lunarium Remixes

To launch his latest album Lunarium onto the club scene, Tomio Tremmel decided to back up the release of his CD with a remix vinyl.

A joint venture with the Mannheim label Oslo Records and their artists Johnny D, Ray Okpara,  Nekes, Christian Burkhardt, Roberto Amormino, Federico Molinari, and Makoto (Nekes and Tomio Tremmel's new project) resulted in a double vinyl, containing a choice selection of party hits as well as some deeper and more wayward house-tracks.

Release date Vinyl: 25.05.2011, release date digital: 02.06.2011

Listen and
Compi - We love Ibiza

We Love Ibiza

4MPO presents it´s first label-own compilation "We Love Ibiza".
Further information and tracklisting will be available at the compilations-page.


TSC Lunarium

The Sushi Club - Lunarium

At the beginning of 2010, Tomio Tremmel decided to shift focus back to his personally most important project and returned to the studio at Unit Production, where he spent one year working on a new album. The outcome of this creative isolation and a return to his musical roots is the latest Sushi Club production “Lunarium”.
The style of this double CD is difficult to define: Deep House influences mix with electro- and trance beats, Spacenight sounds with acoustic instruments, and sample-bites from Japanese movies with digital effects – all morphing into a fascinating tapestry of sound. The end result is a multiple experience of creativity that rejects any attempt to apply conventional labels. With “Lunarium”, Tomio Tremmel has again demonstrated his gift for compositional complexity while staying true to his particular aspiration for the sheer quality of the music.


Bild Eigenart

New Artist Eigenart

The talented musicians Claus Pieper, Werner Balzuweit and Lars Holzapfel from Fulda, Munich and Gelsenkirchen are one of the most popular international downbeat, ambient, lounge, chill out and electronic music producers from Germany. Their productions for worldwide well-known ambient and electronic music projects like Ibiza Chillout, Electronic Lounge, Estudio del Mar, Buddha Grooves, Absynth, Bar Beats and many more made Eigenart one of the most important artists of ambient and chillout music.