Vune - an extraordinary female artist with scottish roots comes to the sunny countryside of southern Germany to get in touch with skillful music producers like Naoki Kenji and The Sushi Club. With 4MPO she finds the perfect base for her experimental way to reinterpret conventional structures of ambient and downtempo music. Her obsession for improvement in sound design and composing and her relentless search for unexpected inspiration in unfamiliar surroundings seems to fit perfectly into the philosophy of 4MPO - break through the ordinary borders of thoughts but always keep in sight of what is the most important thing in making music: touching your heart and soul. Beweaponed with pen and paper and a dictaphone she starts the day like starting a new track: is it the gurgling sound of the coffee machine, the humming of a bee in the garden or the reflection of sunrays on the knobs of her moog… every sound has its place, its raison d’être.

Don’t miss this talented girl and her charming music!

About the album Celfaire
Simplifying complex structures of experimental sound design and bring’em down to pure, and enjoyable ambient music is the main aim of Vune, a girl from the rough highlands of Scotland and newest member of the 4mpo family. Describing her debut-album in a few words is as hard as not falling in love to her maverick way to combine classic style ambient music with next generation sound techniques. Weird grooves embedded in lost soundscapes transport the listener to a strange new world full of loony tunes and lovely melodies. Don’t miss this perl, setting ambient music back to its roots, freeing your soul like clear skies above rolling hills and refreshes your mind like deep blue water of a serene loch.

Vune - Celfaire

1. Vune - Inno
2. Vune - Tulpir
3. Vune - Eux
4. Vune - Celfaire
5. Vune - Pipetto
6. Vune - Mudam
7. Vune - Gralm
8. Vune - Hurpane
9. Vune - Ebargum
10. Vune - Flagon
11. Vune - Lalwul

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