The talented musicians Claus Pieper, Werner Balzuweit and Lars Holzapfel from Fulda, Munich and Gelsenkirchen are one of the most popular international downbeat, ambient, lounge, chill out and electronic music producers from Germany. Their productions for worldwide well-known ambient and electronic music projects like Ibiza Chillout, Electronic Lounge, Estudio del Mar, Buddha Grooves, Absynth, Bar Beats and many more made Eigenart one of the most important artists of ambient and chillout music.

Their albums Cityhopper (2006) Malia (2007) and Artefakt (2009) gained them fame and respect within the chill-out and electronic music scene and shows their great talent in composing electronic deep moods music.
Their artistic work will continue to impress in the future with their fourth album Schwebezustand.

Eigenart are Claus Pieper, Werner Balzuweit and Lars Holzapfel.. All of them have their roots in electronic music.However, they have different backgrounds and this leaves its mark on their project EIGENART.

Claus Pieper and Werner Balzuweit produce electronic music, for the first time in the second half of the 80s, starting off with little equipment, basically using an Roland SH101 and Roland TB 303 and a drum computer, but both of them didn’t have the knowledge to use these fine Instruments.( at this time no one of them knew that these instruments will later on revolutionize the electronic music world ). Different to this, Lars Holzapfel started in 1988 doing some Indie Rock with the band “Beton”
in Northern Germany.

Werner Balzuweit, soon lost his interest in making music and changed his interest to IT. However, he never lost his interest in electronic music. Even Lars lost his point in producing music and began different ways of work in Lübeck and Hamburg.

Claus Pieper came into contact with electronic sounds in the mid 80s, when acts like Depeche Mode and New Order were doing their pioneer work, influences from projects like Massive Attack, Portishead or Moloko had opened his way to electronic music. At that time, electronic music sounded totally different from anything he had ever heard before, he was deeply impressed by this extraordinary sound.
Claus Pieper continued with professional sound recording and at the beginning of the 90s, when techno emerged and a whole new world opened in terms of music, founded his project GENLOG with Oliver Kuntzer. They performed together with top-acts like Hardfloor, Westbam, Marusha, ATB, Prodigy, Tanith and many other well-known top-acts. Projects like Kemiri ( Downbeat ) The Bleachers ( BigBeat ) Atropin Project ( Techno und House ) followed, and he had some great and outstanding performances and released a couple of albums and more than 40 singles. Also he composed music for a german underground movie called “Angel Express”.

Werner Balzuweit came across electronic music for the first time through Projects like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Gary Numan. In early 88s, he was musically influenced by the sound of the electronic underground wave scene, projects like Front242, Signal Aout42 or Frontline Assembly, which became famous for theirs sound.

At the beginning of the 90´s Lars Holzapfel discovers for the first time the magic of electronic music in different styles and liked it immediatly. Bands like Underworld, Aphex Twin, or Lamb are some of the important trailblazers for him.

Close friends Claus Pieper and Werner Balzuweit collaborated in 2003, for the first time since the 80s, and put their hands on the machines to produce their first common Eigenart production “Boyz” which was just released on ZYX sampler Deep Trance Vol.4.

Another 2 years had passed as Claus Pieper introduced Werner Balzuweit to music production and this was the beginning of the common EIGENART project of Claus Pieper and Werner Balzuweit.
In 2006, their first Album “ Cityhopper “ at Zyx Music, followed 2007 “ Malia “ and 2009 “Artefakt” at DAREDO Music.
Lars Holzapfel aka woo-de there closefriend is since december 2008 the 3rd officially member of Eigenart.

Three grandmasters of Downbeat in state of levitation - this is how one can describe Eigenarts überfresh new album, this is why it's called " Schwebezustand " ( german for state of levitation ).
From the first note easily recognized as a peculiar work of art of the producer trio, the fans of the project with the always chilled output will not be disappointed with the fourth Longplayer. Even if the line of aproach tends in direction House the mood stays deep, with crispy sounds and catchy melodies.

An ode to airy music production with a high value in repetoire:
Wanna dance? Go ahead! Or chill out? Our natural side effect! Cause the vibe never gets stressful. "Schwebezustand" is - even if the name might implicate differently - a clear statement that leaves little uncovered. The only thing that levitates is the pleasurable sound.
Here the groove rules, as sweet tone conducts a mild regiment.
And that in an extremely versatile way, without appearing common in the least.

Eigenart - Schwebezustand

1. Eigenart - Just be yourself
2. Eigenart - No Reason
3. Eigenart - One Day In April
4. Eigenart - Schwebezustand
5. Eigenart - Shake That Ass
6. Eigenart - Devotion
7. Eigenart - Die Hörenden
8. Eigenart - Ecktown City Opus One
9. Eigenart - Friends Become Lovers
10. Eigenart - Gozada para el oido
11. Eigenart - It will Be Allright again
12. Eigenart feat.Natalie Peris - It`s Over

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