Just six years after the release of the well acknowledged debut "Around And About" and three years after his successful album "Incanto", Climatic is presenting his third long player "Acora". Proving that he can still add quality and expression to the chill-out and lounge genre.

The opening track already is a shining example for Climatics versatility in fusing electronic sound, organic arrangement and expressive vocals. Once again Antonella D'Orio lets her dreamy voice flow fairylike over a dark blue ocean. It's her tender voice as well that makes "Ti Aspetto"  with it's swinging, melodic bass line one of the definite highlights of the album. And always there's Climatic's fancy to jazz and soul elements that turn even minimalistic tracks into marvelous songs. Sometimes with melancholic piano phrases like on "Ecoutes", where Christine Klaar shines with her soulful voice. Sometimes with sparkling keyboard parts that put a lot of originality and intensity to songs like "Tell Me", a strong, sunset- deep house tune featuring Dennis Legree on vocals.

Catchy? Yes! Dull? Never! With every note he plays, the musician who was trained in piano, drums and percussion, reveals his capability. And he shows with conviction as well his love for danceable electro-constructions like "Boarding" or "Smurf". The perfect finish to this manifold but homogeneous album is called "Cinema", an introverted trance ambient track that will put tears of joy not only into  the eyes of Chicane-fans. Climatic is lifting his anchor, setting sail to continue his search for hidden, imaginary spaces full of love, harmony and warmth.

Climatic - Ancora

1. Climatic - LA LUNA
2. Climatic - CIRCULATION
3. Climatic - ICI OU AILLEURS
4. Climatic - TI ASPETTO
5. Climatic - NIGHTS TURN BLUE
6. Climatic - AVIONICS
7. Climatic - ECOUTES
8. Climatic - SMURF
9. Climatic - TELL ME
10. Climatic - BOARDING
11. Climatic - CINEMA

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Climatic - Incanto

1. Climatic - Left
2. Climatic - Oblivion
3. Climatic - Che Cos’è
4. Climatic - Sideways
5. Climatic - Everything
6. Climatic - Yamo Ma
7. Climatic - Juanita
8. Climatic - Too High
9. Climatic - Twister
10. Climatic - Hazy Days
11. Climatic - Gibraltar
12. Climatic - Abstract Truth
13. Climatic - You Rescued Me
14. Climatic - Last Exit

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Climatic - Around and about

1. Climatic - L´horizzonte
2. Climatic - Cowbell
3. Climatic - Aquarelo
4. Climatic - Still life
5. Climatic - Bubbles
7. Climatic - Talk to you
8. Climatic - Harvest
9. Climatic - 2 steps under water
10. Climatic - Homeland
11. Climatic - Jump ‘n run
12. Climatic - 4.44
13. Climatic - For no reason at all
14. Climatic - Doo-wop

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