Very rarely, but every now and again, the music business brings out artists that make you wonder how they could achieve such professional quality at such a young age. Enviable individuals, whose artistic training must have already been more about guiding their creativity and skills onto the right track than really teaching them anything. Just exceptionally gifted talents.

 Without a doubt, Alexandra Hampton aka Aandra is one of these “chosen few“. Only two years ago, the American graduated in contemporary music production at prestigious Berklee College in Boston. At this early point of her career she already displays musical quality that even masters of the genre like 4mpo owners Naoki Kenji and Tomio Tremmel are astonished at. Maybe it was partly her stay in London during her studies that inspired Aandra to develop this adorable fusion of American jazz and soul elements with European-Asian lounge sounds. Certainly however, this is the ideal musical area to fully display her skills, which range from composition and production to sound design. 

With “Origin“ Aandra now presents her debut album. With twelve tracks, it brings acoustic and synthetic sounds to harmonious oscillation. Like cosmic dust consolidated to sparkling lounge and pop stars, some of the songs acquire their radiating intensity from the vocal power of featured artists like Ahbee or Sista Shakti. By contrast, instrumentals like “Impressions“, “Slow Motion“ or “Urban Jazz Decay“ create a feeling of relaxed nonchalance, with carefully used piano-, trumpet- and flute-passages that other producers, even after decades, can only aspire to.

Evanescent ambient songs like “Ancient Clouds“ or “Ethernal“ not only hint at Aandra’s much sought-after activity as a film music producer, they also make her album one of the classic as well as outstanding works in the 4mpo catalogue. However, if “Origin“ marks her starting point, which higher spheres could this multi-talent still reach in the future ...?

Aandra - Origin

1. Aandra - Ancient Clouds
2. Aandra - Urban Jazz Decay
3. Aandra - Ethernal
4. Aandra - Impressions
5. Aandra - Distant Shore
6. Aandra - Songs of the Sea feat. Soul Sista Shakti
7. Aandra - Baak Waa
8. Aandra - Ephemeral feat. Ahbee
9. Aandra - You are the Gold feat. Soul Sista Shakti
10. Aandra - Green Tea feat. Ayako Higuchi
11. Aandra - Sunset Deep
12. Aandra - Slow Motion

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